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SWU forecasting case using POM

For this part of the problem I need to use the POM software:

1. Forecasting.
2. I should select Module->Forecasting->File->New->Least Squares and multiple regression
3. Use the module to solve the Case Study (Southwestern University). this case study, I am are required to build a forecasting model. Assume a linear regression forecasting model and build a model for each of the five games (five models in total) by using the forecasting module of the POM software.
4. Answer the three discussion questions for the case study except the part requiring me to justify the forecasting technique, as linear regression would be used.

Discussion Questions
1. Develop a forecasting model, justifying its selection over other
techniques, and project attendance through 2007.
2. What revenues are to be expected in 2006 and 2007
3. Discuss the school's options.
I have attach a file with the case study and the data


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