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    Stats Case Study - Airlines, flights

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    A major airline has tracked its on-time status during the past year for flights originating in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The following table reflects the data for 400 flights (see attachment for table).

    a. How would you determine, based on these data, what is the probability that a flight from one of the two cities will arrive early?
    b. What is the probability that a flight will have originated in Los Angeles?
    c. For a flight originating in Los Angeles, how would you determine the probability that it will arrive early? What would this probability have to be if the event arriving early was independent of the event Los Angeles?
    d. If three flights are selected at random, list the sample space indicating the possible on-time status for all three.

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    The solution determines based on the data given, the probability that a flight from one of the two cities would arrive early.