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Pearson's Correlation Coefficient

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Using one of the two formulas cited in this module calculate the correlation coefficient using the following values presented below. Once you have completed your calculation, discussion the following: Is there a statistically significant correlation between customer service attitude scores and number of overtime hours? State the research question and testable hypothesis. Interpret, discuss, and support your findings with at least two other classmates.

Customer Service Attitude Scores OT Hours
5 1
10 6
5 2
11 8
12 5
4 1
3 4
2 6
6 5
1 2

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Step by step method for computing Parson's Correlation Coefficient given in the answer.

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Pearson's Correlation Coefficient and Regression Equation

The following table represents data involving direct labour costs (in Rands) and the batch size (in units) produced by a small manufacturing concern that specialises in a single product.

15 200
18 240
21 290
23 300
26 380
28 370
32 400

1. Determine Pearson's correlation coefficient and comment on the value obtained.

2. Obtain a regression equation representing the above data.

3. Estimate the production batch size for a direct labour cost of R350-00.

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