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Pearson's Correlation Coefficient and Regression Equation

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The following table represents data involving direct labour costs (in Rands) and the batch size (in units) produced by a small manufacturing concern that specialises in a single product.

15 200
18 240
21 290
23 300
26 380
28 370
32 400

1. Determine Pearson's correlation coefficient and comment on the value obtained.

2. Obtain a regression equation representing the above data.

3. Estimate the production batch size for a direct labour cost of R350-00.

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This solution determines Pearson's correlation coefficient and regression equation from an ANOVA analysis. It also uses the regression equation to estimate the product batch size for a specific direct labour cost.

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Statistics: Pearson Correlation, Regression Equation

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Problem Set 1: Chapter 16, problems 2, 6c, 14; Chapter 17, problem 14

2. What information is provided by the numerical value of the Pearson correlation?

6. For the following scores,

1 5
2 9
4 3
5 1
3 2

c. Compute a Pearson Correlation

14. It is well known that similarity. Compute a Pearson correlation for these data and determine whether there is a significant correlation between attitudes for husbands and wives. Set alpha at .05, two-tailed.

Couple Wife (X) Husband (Y)
A 11 14
B 6 7
C 16 15
D 4 7
E 1 3
F 10 9
G 5 9
H 3 8

Chapter 17

14. Problem 15 in Chapter 16 described a study examining the effectiveness of a 7-minute Screen test for Alzheimer's disease: A sample of n = 9, mean scores on the 7-minute test = M = 7, SS = 92. The cognitive test scores averaged M = 17 with SS = 236. For these data, SP = 127.

a. Find the regression equation for predicting the cognitive scores from the 7-Minute Screen score.
b. What percentage of variance in the cognitive scores is accounted for by the regression equation?
c. Does the regression equation account for a significant portion of the variance in the cognitive scores? Use Ã?¯Ã??Ã?¡ = .05 to evaluate the F-ratio.

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