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Is there a difference between the two groups concerning age, children, and education?

Please see the attached MS Word document for the comparison charts.

Investigate whether there is a significant difference between these two groups in terms of their age, number of children, and education. Assume that x is .05 for a two-tailed test. Based on your analysis, write three 5-type statements summarizing your findinings.


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For two groups in terms of their age, step 1 is making an assumption. In this case, independent samples are selected; the variable age of respondent is measured at an interval-ratio level of measurement; because N1=368>50 and N2=553>50, the assumption of normal population is not required; since F test has P value of 0.007, the variances between two groups are not equal.

Step 2: Our null hypothesis:µ1=µ2; namely, the mean ages are equal between supporters and opponents;
alternative hypothesis: µ1≠µ2;namely, the mean ages are significantly different between two groups;
Our alpha value is 0.05 and we will reject null hypothesis if the probability of t is less than 0.05

Step 3: The t distribution and the t statistic are used to test the significance of the difference between two sample means.

Step 4: Based on the output, ...

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The differences between two groups concerning age, children and educations.