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Determining Testable Hypotheses

Ear coning is a simple and safe way to remove excess wax and toxins from the inside of your ear. Ear coning is more comfortable and less invasive than conventional ear cleaning. The benefits have been documented through case histories by qualified practitioners. The benefits include improved hearing, visions, taste, smell, balance, and sharpened mental ability. Ear coning helps to detoxify sinus, lymph congestion, sore throat, earache, swimmers ear, chronic headaches and even allergies. The non-invasive coning process has been known to improve hearing, lymph circulation, and balance.

Part of the scientific research process it to provide testable hypothesis.
1. Are the claims made in the above paragraph testable?
2. Which ones are testable and which ones are not testable?
3. Select one claim and develop the null and alternate hypotheses and suggest a possible method of testing the hypothesis and measuring your concept.


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