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Bonferroni multiple comparison in SPSS

I need help interpreting the attached SPSS output.

Consider the variable for respondents' average income (r inc dol)

Is the average income for all respondents 31,126.50?
Is the average income for people with less than a high school degree 17,366.97?
Is the average income for people with graduate degrees 58,128.38?

The next part is testing the null hypothesis that the average income is the same for all degree groups and describing the assumptions I have to make. How (the ANOVA output?) What needs to be assumed?

Using the Bonferroni comparison procedure (which I did in the attachment), determine which groups are significantly different from one another.

And the final question, we've all asked ourselves at one time or another...

Does staying in school pay off according to the data?

Thanks a million


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