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    Manipulated independent variable

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    An example of a manipulated independent variable might be ___________

    a) The amount of sensory deprivation given a participant,
    b) A participant's religious affiliation,
    c) A student participant's hallucinations in response to severe sensory deprivation,
    d) A retarded child's behavior after a session of relaxation training

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    Correct response is (a) the amount of sensory deprivation given a participant.

    The independent variable is a variable that you believe might influence your outcome measure (i.e., amount of sleep deprivation given a participant might influence mental ability). This might be a variable that you control, like a treatment, or a variable not under your control, like an exposure. For example, the researcher could manipulate the independent variable (amount of sensory deprivation given a participant) by administering varying levels of sensory deprivation to three groups of participants. The researcher could do this by exposing the participants to three different amounts of sensory deprivation (5 hours, 15 hours, and 25 hours) to determine how this effects or influences the outcome measure (i.e., mental ability, the dependent variable as measured by a mental ...

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