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Statistical Quality Control: R-chart and Xbar-chart

The Awake Coffee Company produces gourmet instant coffee. The company wants to be sure that the average fill of coffee containers is 12.0 ounces. To make sure the process is in control, a worker periodically selects at random a box of six containers of coffee and measures their weight. When the process is in control, the range of the weight of coffee samples average 0.6 ounces.

(a) Develop an R-chart and an xbar-chart for this process
(b) The measurements of weight from the last five samples taken of the six containers follow

Sample x-bar R
1 12.1 0.7
2 11.8 0.4
3 12.3 0.6
4 11.5 0.4
5 11.6 0.9

Is the process in control? Explain your answer

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