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Coding Qualitative Data

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When coding qualitative data, what are the pros and cons of an individual coder vs. group coding?

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The coding qualitative data for pros and cons of an individual coder versus group coding is examined.

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Qualitative research has a reputation for being unreliable because the data collected and analyzed, if by humans, can have biases. In order to make your research trustworthy and reliable, group analysis or group coding holds everyone accountable. When one person is responsible for conducting the coding procures there is not way to check its accuracy. However, there are many ways to increase your reliability of qualitative data.

For example (this work has been submitted to turnitin.com and should not be copied it is only for your reference)
I am conducting a qualitative case study on the implement of the Virginia Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Teachers. For this research study, I determined that a structured questionnaire, observations, and structured interviews would be appropriate. The data collection methods were chosen because the use of three methods will ...

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