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    Calculating a test statistic and analyzing data

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    You conducted a study to examine the relationship between party affiliation and gender. You find the following:

    Democrat Republican Independent
    Male 52 65 20
    Female 88 52 35

    Are sex and party affiliation related?

    Report the appropriate null and research hypotheses and the critical value
    (alpha = 0.05). In addition, provide your statistical conclusion, including calculation of test statistic and what the data suggests in one to two sentences.

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    Null Hypothesis (Ho): There is no significant relationship between party affiliation and gender.
    Alternative Hypothesis (Ha): There is a significant relationship between party affiliation and gender.
    Level of Significance = .05
    The test statistic that is used here is the Chi-Square test for independence.
    Test statistic: The test statistic is a chi-square random variable (Χ2) ...

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