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    ANOVA table

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    Below is a one-way ANOVA table for three diet programs. One plan uses low fat foods, a second uses rigorous exercise, and a third uses a combination of low fat foods and an exercise regimen.

    Source Sum of Squares df Mean Sum of Squares F
    Between Groups 1,258.34 2 ? ?
    Within Groups 1,806.52 33 ?
    Total 3,064.86 35

    (a) Fill in the question marks in the table above.
    (b) The critical value for a 5% risk for (since is not in the table) is 3.32.
    H0: ; H1: not all sample means are equal.
    Compare the test statistic F in the table above with the CV in part (b), what do you think about the effectiveness of this program? Should follow up tests be conducted? Explain.

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