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    Statistics - One way Anova

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    Three companies are attempting to sell you a pollution reduction additive to your chemical waste. Given limited resources, which prevents you from developing the additive yourself, you get each company to give you a sample to the product. You are able to use it on ten batches each. You use it on the same machines. The parameter to be estimated is the pounds of sludge removed per 20 tons. And here are the results. Is there any deference between the additives? Run a one way Anova test to test this proposition.

    Sludge Away Clean Up No Yuk

    Average 245.97 210.92 240.45
    Standard Deviation 41.05 43.52 35.91
    Sample Size 10 10 10

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    Grand Mean = 232.45
    Null Hypothesis .....................
    Alternative ...

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