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    Statistical assumptions and results

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    The attached data set is a study that was conducted to determine whether there is a difference between three types of therapy. The participants in this study were clients who agreed to participate. Participants were randomly assigned to the three therapy types, carried out by equivalently skilled therapists. The outcome score for therapy was a composite score of improvement from the client, a different therapist who was blind to the type of treatment they received, and the most significant person in their life. Higher scores on "outcome" indicate better outcomes. Your job is to run the correct analysis for this study with that dataset. You should report on statistical assumptions, report on the correct results in detail, and write up the results for your study.

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    The correct test to be done for this is ANOVA. The null hypothesis is that the composite score of improvement from three therapies is same. The alternate hypothesis is that the composite scores of improvement from three therapies are different.

    The assumptions are that each of three samples on which the three therapies were conducted are drawn from a normal ...

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