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    One way ANOVA, Post-Hoc Comparison's test

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    A random selection of accounting firms from three regions is taken and they are asked to state the starting salary for a new accounting graduate. Do a one-way ANOVA to analyze these data using a 1% level of significance:

    South Northeast West
    --------- ----------- ---------
    $30500 $41000 $35500
    31500 39500 33500
    30000 39000 35000
    31000 38000 36500
    31500 39500 36000

    * Incorporate the 5-step hypothesis testing procedure
    * If a significant F statistic is obtained, run a Post-Hoc Comparison's test on the 3
    * Individual t-tests on all pairs of means can be done also
    * Adjust level of significance to compensate for inflation
    * Report which pairs of means are significantly different and their corresponding p
    values if available

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