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    Fisher's Least Significant Difference & ANOVA using SPSS

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    A well know automotive magazine took three top of the line midsize automobiles manufactured in the United States, test drove them, and compared them on a variety of criteria. In the are of gasoline mileage performance, five automobiles of each brand were each test driven 500 miles; The miles per gallon data obtained are shown in the table above.
    A B C
    19 19 24
    21 20 26
    20 22 23
    19 21 25
    21 23 27

    Utilizing SPSS, compute the following:

    A. Use Fisher's Least Significant Difference procedure to test all possible pair-wise comparisons.
    B. What conclusion can you draw after carrying out the procedure?

    Use α = 0.05

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    Attaching the SPSS data file and output.
    This is done using ANOVA only. you have to select the option LSD in post hoc.
    The steps are:
    Go to Analyze
    Select Compare means and then one-way anova. Select the ...

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    The solution explains step by step procedure for conducting Fisher's LSD using SPSS. It includes the SPSS data file and output file and explains the steps to be taken to conduct the required test. It also interprets the SPSS output.