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    ANOVA: within group SS and between group SS

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    Give an example of a research question that would require an ANOVA and discuss specific examples of potential sources of between group SS and within group SS.

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    Suppose you are the statistician for one of the beautiful wineries in Lake Oswego. You are tasked with evaluating the suitability of three new varieties of grapes as potential crops. In particular, suppose your boss would like to evaluate the average yield in bottles of red wine per acre for the three varieties and wants you to decide if there are differences among the three average yields. He explains that yield is the only variable of interest to him because it's not possible to produce bad wine in Lake Oswego so quality of the wine is not an issue.

    You decide to set up an experiment that will allow you to use a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) as your decision making tool. You have 15 experimental plots available where you can plant the experimental ...

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    This 535 word solution is an example describing potential sources of between-group and within-group sums of squares. The example comes from a hypothetical winery in Lake Oswego, Oregon.