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    Conduct a Single factor ANOVA, within, among, f-stat, study, clinical, test, probability, statistics

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    Attached is the actual problem and the chart needed to answer the questions. Below are the questions to be answered. Please show work I am trying to learn to work this type of problem for a test on Thursday.

    A. What is the experimental design?

    B. State the null and alternative hypothesis

    C. Calculate the correction factor

    D. Calculate SS total

    E. Calculate SS within

    F. Calculate SST among

    g. Calculate SSE

    H Calculate MST

    I Calculate MSE

    J. Calculate F-statistic

    K. what is the critical F-statistic (alpah=0.05)

    l. state the conclusion

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    2. The J. Jenkins group recently conducted a study that investigated the effect of carbon monoxide exposure on patients with coronary artery disease. The subjects involved in the study were recruited from three different medical centers - the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (nl=21), the Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center (n2=16) and the St. Louis University School of Medicine (n3=23). Before combining the subjects into one large group to conduct the analysis, Dr. Jenkins first examined some of the baseline characteristics to ensure .that the patients from the various centers are in fact comparable.
    One characteristic is pulmonary function before the start of the study; if patients from one medical center begin with measures of forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV 1) that are much larger or, much smaller - than those from the other centers, then the results of .the analysis may be affected. Therefore, given that the populations of patients in the three centers have mean baseline FEV ...

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    The following outlines the process for conducting a single factor ANOVA experiement given a set of data. Work is computed in Excel.