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Title IX civil rights legislation

I need to write about three civil rights, but I am requesting this problem for ONE so I have a foundation to go off of. Please identify and describe ONE "piece" of Federal Civil Rights legislation and discuss the implications of each on cultural diversity. Please discuss the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ( Outlawed segregation in schools and business)

Secondly, identify and describe three Federal judicial rulings involving Civil Rights and discuss the implications of each on cultural diversity.

Please do not copy the statues and rulings, ..I need to hear from a different perspective.

This is the requested format if possible:

Federal Civil Rights Legislation
-Tital of Statute
-Explanation of the law
-Implications on Cultural Diversity

Federal Judicial Rulings
-Ruling Citation
-Explanation of the ruling
-Implications on cultural diversity

This needs to be approx. 700-800 words.

Thank you so much for your help.

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I would choose Title IX. There are many websites that address this title and I will include a couple at the end.

1972 Educational Amendments: Title IX

Title IX says that no person, on the basis of sex, may be excluded from any activity or educational program participation. It gave schools and other educational groups, receiving federal funds, the directive to allow and put forth the same the effort on the behalf of women's sports and activities as they did (and do) on mens sports and other activities. It covered both private and public schools and students in grades kindergarten through graduate school. It also encompasses all parts of educational activities including but not limited to admission, financial aid, employment, ...

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A discussion of the legislation, the importance for cultural diversity, and a federal ruling applicable to the legislation of a civil rights issue. The chosen discussion is on Title IX.