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The Hispanic Ethnicity in a Multicultural America

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I need help with this assignment. Also need references.

What is the difference between Hispanic, Mexican American, Latino and Chicano? Are there other terms that should be considered?


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Different Terms, Similar Meanings

Before we go into the meaning of the terms you indicated above, since this is a sociology class, I would like to impart to you how Sociology defines knowledge creation and how words come to signify more than what we see as their 'original' meaning. I think this is important because the terms above - they are related but while they are, they have particular denotations. Now, in sociology, new knowledge and new meaning comes to be within a culture, within social interaction. Michel Foucault argued that knowledge is based on social interaction as knowledge is produced within the social world through discourse - in other words we talk, we congregate, we agree on things consciously or unconsciously and we take what we learn from this discussion as our version of truth. This is what happens in classrooms. The teacher introduces an idea or new knowledge to students, students discuss it, debate with each other regarding what they learned and then after a semester of doing that, said knowledge stays with the student to be a basis for further studies. Lawyers argue for what will be ascertained as the truth in the courtroom. In the exchange of arguments, of evidence, a certain 'truth' comes to surface and this becomes the basis for a verdict.

Words according to Jacques Derrida, by themselves, are nothing; it is the social meanings we attach to them that make them mean something. For example, the collection of letters S, A, R, A - they read Sara. What does it mean - these 4 letters? It can mean so many things to each of us - it could indicate the name of a colleague, a friend or a person we know. It could indicate the name of a drug in Thailand, a fashion ...

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The solution explains ethnic diversity focusing on the differentiation and inherent/shared similarities of certain ethnic groups. In particular, the Hispanic or Latino American identity/ethnicity is discussed and the terms Hispanic, Mexican American, Latino and Chicano are defined and situated within the cultural and ethnic fabric of the American Society. Other terms or referents to the Hispanic-American identity are also presented. The solution is in the form of a short Essay following the APA format. A word version is attached for easy printing.