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Social theory:functionalist, conflict, and interactionist

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Explain the following three major sociological perspectives: Functionalism, Interactionalism, and Conflict Theory. Provide an example of each perspective. What types of commonalities and differences do these perspectives share?
Entertainment in the American culture occupies much of our time and money. Please apply and analyze entertainment (i.e., movie industry, music, sports) according to the three theoretical perspectives:

* Functionalist View
* Conflict View
* Interactionist View

3 pages.... no wikipedia. please paraphrase and submit. NO WIKIPEDIA PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES.

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Functionalism has two parts, that the study of social behavior can be done through data and empirical study and that society creates needs and certain functions of society meet those needs. Religion is the prime example used. Durkheim is the first and foremost when considering that social behavior may be studied using observable scientific methods. Today, it is still believed that this is true. The second part or area of functionalism is the society and its parts are interdependent. Religion as a primary example of a social institution that meets the needs of a society. The society needs a religion and for the religion to exist, it must meet the needs of the society that created it. Many societal institutions work to support the society, much as the organs of the human body "support" the body as a whole in its functions.

Conflict theory, like chaos theory, is adjusted often to meet the group it is explaining. The conflict theory states that conflict is normal and that the struggle for control and power is universal in all actions and interactions. The explanation is that in terms of norms and values, people will pursue their own interests whether they agree with those norms or not. The current situation with the economy can be, in part, blamed on conflict theory. Bernie Madoff, despite the norms and values that exist, created an elaborate scheme that gave him access to the funds of others who trusted him to invest it wisely. He did not and chose ...

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An overview of three social theories and how they apply. One application of the three named theories to specific scenario is included.

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