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Preferential race-based therapy issues

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A group of clients refuses therapy from a therapist based on their race and requests a certain race of therapist despite the therapist having not having expertise in a certain area. Would it right to relent and provide a therapist who does not have the expertise but is a competent therapist of the race the client is requesting? How should conflicts like this be handled? As a professional therapist would one be crossing a boundary of racial behavior if they do give in and provide therapy to the group by a less qualified therapist who is of the same race as they request?

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In a good Therapy/ Client relationship; I believe generally speaking there are certain goals that this kind of relationship should cover. These included:
1. Rapport
2. Trust
3. Respect
4. Genuineness
5. Empathy
I'm sure all Therapists may have similar goals as well.

But if the Therapy Client does not engage in a ...

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