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Power in Society

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A central debate in sociology revolves around whether the power elite or pluralist view is correct.Which do you believe and why? Explain your answer.

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The Power Elite View

This view holds that while the nation is democratic, much of the authority, control, power and influence are centered on the very few - these are the power elite, the leaders, the decision-makers and individuals that have the most say in companies, social groups and political organizations. Tycoons, CEOs, military leaders, central figures in political parties - while they are not elected, they hold sway over so many so much so that their views, ideas and will influences the ...

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The solution defines the concept of the 'power elite' and the 'pluralist view' to try help students make sense of the debate on them as it relates to power in society. A position is also provided. Accessible resources (web) are listed for students to further explore the topic.

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