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Popular Culture & the Media

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Identify at least three trends propagated by the electronic media. Evaluate the impact of these trends on your views or attitudes concerning the following topics:
1) Consumerism
2) Work
3) Social responsibility
4) Happiness
5) The human body
6) Justice, law, and order

I just need some help on the above to keep me started in writing the above paper. I have some ideas, but feel I am too limited to just the internet as being the only trend I can think of...

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Three trends to consider and maybe help you think of more are music trends, medical information, retirement. Music trends have an impact on consumerism by supplying people with more outlets to gain access to music. Music is available and advertised through television, radio, internet. It appears in such places as online sites for downloading such as iTunes and on social networking pages like Facebook and MySpace. There are many cases of fraudlent downloading and sharing of music and the industry has become more diligent about using the existing laws to prevent music sharing and also in working to get laws changed to their advantage. Issues of morality and theft, what is theft have changed in ...

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The solution provides discussion points and guidance to the student in putting together a paper analysing popular cultural trends and the electronic media (see original question). Trends are presented in relation to social issues and the development of subcultures is also discussed as possible topics that could be utilised in the proposed paper.

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