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    Personality Styles: Comparison

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    I need help in preparing a 700-800 word paper. After taking an assessment, I found out that my personality style is the Assessor/Cautious Style. I need to explain what the cautious style is and then compare and contrast the Harmonizer/Steadiness Style (The cautious style and the steadiness style).

    I need to evaluate the effectiveness of the cautious style, the steadiness style and the dominance style while working as a team.

    Hope you can give me guidance on this assignment.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Dear Student,
    I wrote this sample for you from a first-person perspective because I believe this is what you needed. Good Luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Exhibiting a Cautious Personality Style

    I recall getting excited or looking forward to new adventures in my life like the first time I ever put on rollerblades or when I first got behind the steering wheel of a car. The thing is though, despite my excitement, I recall wondering what could possibly happen if I did it wrong like the first time I fell from a bike. I grew up in an environment where problems make life difficult and as much as possible I work towards making sure that conflict and difficulties do not arise in my life because I was careless or did not use my head. I guess caution and assessment of any situation is automatic for me and this is rooted in my socialization, in how I grew up, in the life I have led and living. My parents worked hard to make things happen and as soon as I could, I did my best to share the load. I guess this shows in the decisions I make - I always do what I see is the least risky, the more secure of options. Taking the Personality Style test, results have shown that I do indeed exhibit the Cautious Personality, one who looks at life as a series of challenges, analytical, persistent and detail oriented. It is this attention to detail that makes my personality seem like perfectionists. At times, I might seem slower in terms of finishing a task. The thing is, I double check to ensure that everything is done right. For me, what good is a fast job when it is not reliable? Ensuring that the right method is used and that the process is done without any hitches is very important. When one builds the foundation of a house, you have to ensure that it is done right, that you take your time, otherwise it can easily fall down. I believe in structure, in order. I do my best to control my emotions but not because I am cold or do not enjoy humor. I just think that there is always a time and place for everything and at times, emotion overrides reason. ...

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    The solution is a simulation in the first person of the asesor-cautious personality style. It is an explanation of what said personality is in contrast to that of a Harmonizer/Steadiness personality style - with these personality styles often referred to in analysisng individual capacity and characteristics in an organization.