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Native Americans

Ok, I really appreciated the help and the point in the right direction.

However, there is a question I'm required to answer, and it has me stumped. I have all the other answers to the questions, but this has me scratching my head and no idea where to go:

Thinking Critically Chapter 4
o The major components of social structure are culture, social class, social status, roles, groups, and social institutions. Use social structure to explain why Native Americans have such a low rate of college graduation.

Native Americans:
23.3% less than highschool
31.3% Highschool
31.1% some college
14.1% BA or higher

I've tried looking around on the internet, in my book, to find some sort of explanation or at least a point in the right direction!!

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I have done a lot of work on the reservations with sociologist researchers. And, mainly, you have to look at the history of Native Americans to understand this fully. Their ancestors had their land taken away by white people, then were put on the reservations and had to go to white led, often Christian based, schools. Many of these were boarding schools where they were often beaten and abused in many ways. So, the injustice of their people's history enters into today's educational world. They are still going to a mainly ...

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The solution provides advice in tackling the question of why there is such a low rate of college graduates among the Native American population.