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    English And French Colonial Empires

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    As both England and France solidified their colonial empires, contact with the natives was inevitable. However, each group treated natives differently. Compare and contrast the native relations of each group. Which group created a strong alliance with natives and why?

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    This is a very good question. As you probably know from your lessons in class, both the British and the French had different relations with Native Americans. The British, unfortunately, had no respect for the Natives of America. In fact, they did not even recognize them as people of the land (they thought of them as animals) and took away all of their rights to land ownership and freedom. They even massacred them believing that Native Americans were filthy savages that were waiting to cause the British harm. "Subsequent European colonization pursued rather different settlement strategies. Early British contacts from New England to Virginia were dominated by mercantile interests, ...

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    The expert compares and contrasts the native relations of each group. Which group which has created a strong alliance with natives is determined.