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    The Concept of Trust

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    Discuss the concept of trust.

    What are some component of trust and describe them

    What are the different types of trust?

    What does trust have to do w/ relationships (family, workplace, significant other) and why it is important?

    Are they different levels of trust?

    Is trust important of someone in the criminal justice profession and why?

    Why is it difficult for someone to trust and what can they do to improve?

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    These are a lot of good questions! As for the definition of trust, there two different ones. This is because trust can be either an emotion or some kind of value exchange. By value exchange, I mean that trust is a term used when goods are being exchanged or money is being put away for future use (like a trust fund for a child).

    As for emotion, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary online (2012), trust is defined as "... assured, reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed." Some of the components of trust include relying on someone's character, good nature, and friendship when exposing vulnerabilities to him or her and believing that he or she will not use them against you someday.

    Trust is the foundation for a healthy relationship with family, a significant other, and in the workplace. Without ...

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    This solution discusses the concept of trust. The different types of trusts are given.