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    Communication in Multicultural Environments

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    Minimum word count is 250 for each question

    1. Describe an intercultural transaction in which you have participated in which one or more parties demonstrated an application of kinesics different from your cultural norm. How did you react to the difference? Did the difference prove to be a barrier to communication?

    2. How do language patterns manifest themselves in culturally specific thought processes, such as orientation to problem-solving and organization?

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    I visited a whole health food and herb store and dealt with a man from Vietnam and his wife from China. Both were very deferential to me and the man constantly touched my hand lightly with his forefinger after I spoke and she bowed or nodded after every exchange on information. I thought it was very nice and polite and I responded by often thanking them for information. Instead of being a barrier it was a help because I knew they were paying attention and listening. If they had a question, there was no bow or touch until they were clear of what I was saying and when they knew I understood what they meant. It aided me in knowing when they ...

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    A discussion on an intercultural exchange using different cultural norms and another on how language and thought are processed through cultural lens.