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    College Education, Preparedness & Human Services

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    1. Are college graduates better prepared for the current workplace than nongraduates? Explain why or why not.

    2. If you might change or improve three things about your program of study (Human Service/Management), what would they be? Explain why you would recommend the changes.

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    College Graduates & Preparedness

    When a company hires or places an advert for the purpose of looking for a fit individual to fill in a position, they list a number of important expected characteristics, skills, experience and education/qualifications that the candidate must have. For the more specialized and managerial jobs especially in the administrative, the technological and the scientific world, it is expected that candidates support their application with a college or university degree for such qualifications signify 4-6 years of academic training, enhancement of skills in a professional environment and the shaping of cognitive, perception and social skills important in a demanding workplace wherein the candidate aside from specialized skills must also work towards 'fitting' in a social environment. In a way, colleges and universities are 'laboratories' and 'training grounds' that shape skills and knowledge to prepare individuals for the demands of a dynamic workplace in varied industries. Hence, it is not enough to get the best possible grades university for the purpose of preparedness, it is also important that getting these grades also shaped the values, social skills & character of the new graduate aside from the shaping of scientific , ...

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