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Barriers and Ethical Implications of Pirated Software

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Describe some examples where your clients may have hit barriers in the system and how you have helped them navigate through those barriers. Cite at least two times where you have intervened, and explain your thought process in how you helped to navigate that change.

Have you known people that have used pirated software? What is the justification for doing so? What are the ethical implications of using pirated software?

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Client Barriers: Retail

In the retail store I currently work in, technology has been installed to hasten up client services at the Point-of-sale end as well as enhancing client experience for a more information-available purchasing and shopping environment. In terms of the latter, computers and barcode readers have been set up in certain sections of the store. The computers allow clients to virtually browse through our stock inventory for products they need and find certain information on them. For example, a client can check information on certain drugs from our on-shelf self-medication over the counter pharmacy - their ingredients, recommended dosage for adults and children, the conditions they counteract, negate or cure and possible side effects as well as further information in case of untoward reactions. Video and Audio assistance is also provided more than the information which can be read just on the box or the packet. This allows certain over-the-counter drugs purchase to be ...

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The solution discusses client barriers (issues that affect clients in utilising or maximising items, goods and services) in a retail environment in relation to technology, particularly software and I.T. in a retail environment. The solution additionally tackles the issue of software piracy, ethical issues and justifications most pertinent in the debate. References are listed. The solution comes in the form of a 732-word APA format essay with references listed for expansion.