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Case Study: Issues with Conducting Business in Foreign Countries

Read the attached cases carefully. Write up your answers in a Word document

Madeleine Roche, a horticulture, and landscaping professional, was sent to oversee the setting up and the opening of a landscaping and garden supplies center in Mexico. Besides her professional background, she studied Spanish in graduate school, which seemed to be a definite advantage.
Her first month in Mexico was spent in identifying a centrally located area for the center and setting things up. Madeleine managed to get the entire center decorated, and worked hard on identifying suppliers and potential customers. She even managed to personally supervise the making up of bouquets to send to potential customers in Mexico. The bouquets of gladioli, roses, and gerbera, in shades of peach and yellow, were sent out well in advance.
On opening day, she got a very poor response from the people she hoped to establish as her regular clients.
Marc Brennerman is a graphics designer with a company that creates and designs web sites for clients. He has been working in this field for the last six years and has worked on a number of projects for international clients.
His latest assignment was designing a web site and logo for Delta Exports, to attract their potential customers in Korea. After the initial discussions, Marc came up with a prototype web site design and logo, which was immediately approved by the export company. The people at Delta Exports were especially happy with the site's intuitive navigation and the way Marc had designed the logo: a stylized triangle in red lettering to represent the Greek letter "delta."
When the site went live, however, contrary to what Marc and his clients expected, Korean visitors to the site did not respond well.

What do you think went wrong in the cases above?
What measures, if any, would you suggest Madeleine and Marc take to salvage the situation?

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