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    A need statement

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    1. What is the purpose of a need statement? What should it contain?

    2. What are some of the key factors that would help to determine whether or not an organization is ready to seek funding? Discuss why these factors are important.

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    Need Statements

    A need statement primarily is that passage or section in a funding proposal that does 2 things, first it identifies what you/your organization is going to do, your purpose of study and your desired outcome. When the funding body agrees with your need statement (i.e. the need for your study to be done) and more importantly, when they see that it falls into their area of interest so that by providing you the funds to do said study they are also fulfilling their task, you will most likely get funding for your proposed study, activity or project. Second, a need statement justifies and validates your capacity (if it is a single project) or your organization's capacity (if it is an application for organizational funding) to actually do the work proposed. Government agencies usually provide grants for individuals and varied organizations as part of the Research and Development activities as well as for the purpose of civil service. The Illinois Department of Human services (2010) for example follow these guidelines from research associates (2000) and expect it from the proposals that they receive:

    "The Need Statement presents facts and evidence to support the need for the project (program) you are proposing. It also establishes your organization as being capable of addressing the need.
     Conduct an analysis to determine the nature and extent of the problem or need, ...

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