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    Personal Ethics: College Student

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    1. How has you ethical perspective changed since starting a college education?

    2. Provide an example of an ethical situation you encountered in the workplace and how you reacted. How did your behavior compliment or contradict your Ethical Awareness Inventory?

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    Ethical Perspective

    Realization of one's personal ethics happens over time, over experience. Growing up I have been told what is right and wrong, what shouldn't be done, what is acceptable according to a number of standards - that of my family and my parents, that of my friends, the schools I was in and the varied organizations and groups I am a part of - church, the library, sports teams, the gym, the dormitory, etc. Each of these groups, formal or informal have their own particular standards of behaviour and expect that their members follow said standards for without it, status qou is difficult to keep. Growing up I know that I cannot disrespect adults by butting into conversations or answering without any form of respect. Belittling people is also wrong as is vanity, pride and lying. I knew that these behaviors are wrong not only because I hear it drilled on me in church, in school and at home but because by performing them, I felt guilt and shame and by watching others commit them, I have observed the effect they had on their lives. Decorum of behaviour allows a sense of order, focus on achieving good grades and being productive allows me to take pride in myself and what I have achieved, it makes me happy, it gives my parents a positive return for their love and investment on me.

    What is ethics? Simply put ethics are a set of moral ...

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