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Why has the United States not had a woman president yet?

This solution explains why we have never had a female president in the United States while other industrialized nations have had heads of state. It uses Tischlers three main theoritical perspectives in analyzing social class, racial and ethnic discrimination and gender inequality. The three theories are conflict theory, functionalism and interactionist.

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Here are some ideas:

In terms of actual age as a nation the United States is still much younger than many industrialized nations. France, England, Germany, Iceland, the Scandinavian countries and others were nations for hundreds of years prior to the existence of the United States. The US is only 235 years old while many industrialized nations in the world today have been in existence for over 1000 years. If counties mature as people do it is only logical that the United States be behind other nations in the psychological development of nationhood.

The United States has rarely been a settled country in the sense of limited stress and the ability to focus on domestic issues as opposed to international issues. We started our existence as a rebellious colony under attack. Consider the following points in American History:

? 1776-1815 war with England, insecurity, potential of being wiped out as a nation.
? 1860's The Civil War tears the country apart emotionally, politically and physically.
? Mid to late 1800's - ...

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Many industrialized nations have had or presently have a woman head of state. Why has the United States still not elected a woman president? This question is explored using Teschler's theoretical perspectives of conflict theory, functionalism and interactionism. Over 600 words of original text along with numerous links to informative websites for further research.