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Theory of Africana Womanist Consciousness and Pedagogy

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What is the Theory of Africana Womanist Consciousness?

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A few weeks ago, I attended an event sponsored by "The History Makers." This engagement honored famous Chicago fashion designers by giving them an opportunity to talk about their work and their journey towards success. At this event Jermikko Shoshanna Johnson gave a detailed account about how she gained notoriety as a designer by submitting her work under a male name and how she was able to maintain credit lines, but only by pretending to be a white woman over the phone (Ashley). After launching her fashion line, business took off and it didn't take long for her designs to become a household name. Much of her business was done over the phone, but because she needed to finish an order/assignment under ...

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Vivian Gordon, author of "Black Women, Feminism, and Black Liberation," argues that the schema of Africana womanist consciousness can be interpreted to mean that the "power by white women either independently or by virtue of their linkages to white men..." gives them privilege. The excerpt provided gives a real world example that helps to further explain this theory for readers.