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Book Review: Made in China

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The following points should help you focus your book review:

what are the author's goals in the book and how well does he/she achieve them?
does the author provide convincing ethnographic material to support his/her points?
what is the significance of the book?
how can you relate the book to other readings/issues we've covered this term?

Your response essay should focus on your reflections on the books' contributions to the study of sex and gender and how the books relate to issues we've covered this term. Remember to also mention the book you read in this comparative analysis, but you do not need to repeat everything you present in your own book review. The goal in the comparison is to highlight the central issues of the books and present an overview of some of the themes and issues in the cross-cultural study of sex and gender.

These are the following books:

1) Matthew Gutmann. Fixing Men: Sex, Birth Control and AIDS in Mexico. Berkeley: University of California Press. 2007
2) Ngai Pun. Made in China. Duke University Press. 2005
3) Denise Brennan. Whatâ??s Love Got to do with it: Transnational Desires and Sex Tourism in the Dominican Republic

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Made in China is explicated in note form.

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1. What are the author's goals in the book and how does she achieve them?

Her goals seem to emphasize how exploited the dagongmei or the working girls are in China in many factories. She demonstrates the physical, emotional, social, and psychological toll this exhausting work in urban factories takes on these women workers. Her goals are achieved definitely because of her emotional, first hand narrative account of life there.

Her text also exposes how globalization, patriarchal society, and other implications are hindering these workers' civil rights.

2. ...

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