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    Discussing Cybercommunities & their Mcdonaldization

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    Community Types Problem:

    Regarding "communities" (urban, suburban, rural). The "characteristics" (components, elements) of these "communities" are discussed in the text (Chapter 15). What I would like for you to consider is the concept of "cybercommunities" ("communities" on the Internet). First, please describe your understanding of the essential components or "elements" of a (any) "community" (whether urban, suburban, or rural AND notice there is MORE THAN one "element" that results in a group of persons being a "community"), then "analyze" a specific cybercommunity of which YOU are a member or a cybercommunity of which you are aware, and discuss how that "cybercommunity" exhibits similar and/or dissimilar "elements" from the more "traditional" communities discussed in the text. And please share your thoughts on how such "cybercommunities" affect society and what "role" you see for them in the future. Consider how this relates to role of "media" (Chapter 7). Also consider if cybercommunities have any relation to "McDonaldlization." Also, please consider how this relates to various types of groups in society (like the ones you considered in DQ4A) AND how this relates to the focus of Chapter 14 (Government, Economy, Environment) AND, of course, how these concepts relate to YOUR workplace! Yes, please explore ALL this "relationships!"

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    Cyber Communities, Media & Macdonaldization

    What is a community? Generally speaking, a community is a macro social structure that allows for smaller groups, secondary or primary to become and find their place in the general social mechanics. It is where social organism- social agents and agencies interact, sharing an environment. In the course of 'sharing', human communities assimilate, teach, learn and project languages, traditions, philosophies, belief systems, cultural views, etc. By doing so, those finding membership in that community find that they create and share in a particular identity, a particular culture. Conditions of sharing and assimilating are dependent on the strength of shared identity affecting cohesiveness (is it a small rural community with long shared history, is it an urban community that is new and just emerging, etc.). Now, in a cyber community, the spatial element cannot be measured - the churches, schools, markets, community centers, spaces for interaction - they are not actual but virtual. Whereas in real life people can find 'community' at the local market, cyber communities interact for commercial purposes in ...

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    The solution is a 980-word APA format essay on community types discussing elements and characteristics of communities and the phenomenon of the application of said elements to internet-based 'cybercommunities'. The author presents a particular cybercommunity for analysis, being a member of it, and goes on to discuss the role of the media and the effect of cybercommunities to society. Additionally, the possibility of the 'Mcdonalization' of cybercommunities in terms of its dynamics is also discussed. References, both web and print are included. A word version is attached for easy printing.