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Living under communism or socialism

Share how you view or imagine a socialist or communist society. Would you want to live there? Why or why not?

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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes related to living under a Socialist or Communist system. By way of introduction, I am a Professor of Sociology in the state of Arizona.

The question you are asking is based on opinion and personal preference. What I can do is give you some notes about these two governments based on my studies of them, and based on me living for a time under both types of regimes. I am going to assume you live in America. As such, it is difficult to fathom what living under socialism or communism is like, as we have never had, or even approached, such a system in the United States. Let us begin with the system of government that most agree is the most different from our own: Communism. Under a communist system, capitalism is not promoted. What is promoted is the ...

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Notes regarding what it might be like to live under a Communist or a Socialist regime.