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Qualitative Research Questions

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I am working on a study project and need some assistance with the research questions. The research study is on Early Childhood Educators and their experiences with father involvement. The study is qualitative and I will be interviewing early childhood teachers, teachers, and education coordinators in an early childhood program. I have research questions that I have submitted but received comments that requires adjusting. I need another perspective on how to approach the questions as it relates to the study and comments received based on my original questions which are:
1.What is a general day like in your program at you interact with parents?
Comment: This needs to focus more on the fathers-the point is not to compare between mothers and fathers, the point is to explore explore experiences with fathers.

2. Can you describe a child that feels very comfortable in school? What does this child typically do? How does that child interact with his/her parents"
Comment: Not sure what this has to do with father involvement? This sounds like quantitative and like father involvement with a child feeling comfortable.

3. Can you describe your thoughts about father involvement and their children's learning?
Comment: This is unclear. Do you mean what they see at work---or what they think the involvement should be?

The portioby comment is what needs to be reviewed to correct the questions. I need assistance on re-phrasing the questions to meet the research needs.

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Your research questions are very broad. You need to narrow them down. Below I am giving you a few research questions that I can come up with based upon your research questions.

1) What is a typical interaction with fathers like? How do you generally interact with fathers? How are fathers involved in their children's education? How do fathers interact with you?

2) How do the children with fathers generally act throughout the day? How do the children with fathers interact with their fathers? How do the children ...

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Refinement of qualitative research questions

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