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Article Review: Introduction Breakdown

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Components of an introduction should include such things as a problem statement, purpose of the study, and research questions. What are the characteristics of a good problem statement? Provide examples of evidence that support the significance of the problem. • How does the problem statement align with the research questions? Provide examples of how the problem contributes to professional knowledge and practice.• Is the research purpose logical? . Are the questions clear, specific, and unambiguous?• How does the introduction explain the contents of the study?

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Research Paper Review

Mayer, J.D., Salovey, P. & Caruso, D. (2008). "Emotional Intelligence - New Ability or Eclectic Traits?" from American Psychologist, Vol. 63, No. 6, 503-517. The American Psychological Association.

In the academe, research papers are commonly produced as well as utilized to publish new work when research questions are tackled. It is a synthesis of the study and evaluation of information uncovered, including documentation that backs up the published knowledge. A research paper can be a scientific paper that follows the scientific form of inquiry, including scientific ethics. A scientific paper can be a written report of a scientific experiment, fieldwork or study. The parts of a research paper are as follows (Shuttleworth, 2016) - abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, conclusion and a reference list. It is important to note that these are also the parts expected of a literature review. In this particular, we will expand on a particular part - the Introduction. Just what can be expected of an introduction? According to CIRT (2016), "The introduction begins by introducing the broad overall topic and providing basic background information. It then narrows down to the specific research question relating to this topic. It provides the purpose and focus for the rest of the paper and sets up the justification for the ...

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