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Race, gender, and class issues

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Race, gender, and class intersections are explored in this answer:

Razack speaks to the idea that if, as a society we focus essentially on the diversity of cultural aspects, that we will continue to overlook the problem of power disparity. Razack states that "white" society continues to make up the majority of laws and develop community programs for the abused. This often leads to the misunderstanding or not even considering the fact that not everyone comes from the same background. In society people of colour not only face the challenge of living outside the cultural stereotypes, but they also are at a disadvantage as they do not have the same access to influential positions, to make vital decisions (Unit 16, p271). She also reports that although the traditional view of racism may have changed it is reappearing with a different face. Rather than being overt in nature, "white" society has began to view everyone as the same and racism has taken a more passive approach based on societal and assumed stereotypes of cultural differences.

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