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    Child Development and Parental Involvement

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    In what ways has knowledge of child development and parental involvement changed over time? How does parenting style influence child development and behavior? What can parents and educators do to promote positive self-concepts in children? Provide examples.

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    Knowledge of Child Development and Parental Involvement
    The following resource was helpful in thinking through the issues surrounding the above:
    Lowe, Roy. (2009). Childhood Through the Ages. An Introduction to Early Childhood Studies. Chapter 2. Maynard & Thomas.

    I attached it below for your reference.

    Lowe refers to two pioneers of childhood development who have documented that up to the seventeenth century (the Middle Ages), children were understood to be small adults and thus their nurturing and care was either non-existent and/or not understood to be necessary.

    Children were raised to be a contributive part of the workforce.

    Even before this period, the medieval period did not record age thus there wasn't any established definition for childhood which means that children were forced into adulthood at a young age.

    Refer to page 22 of the article for more detailed information.

    Children were, least to say, brutally treated and exploited needing parental care later in their adulthood because, if they lived into adulthood, they were not socially and personally developed.

    According to Aries (in the article), it wasn't until the eighteenth century that "childhood" was recognized as a stage of development.

    To give you a more recent example, the twentieth century consisted of many changes in childhood development and parental involvement. To take the issue of breastfeeding, for example, when the industrial society began to produce formula, society, in-turn, began to promote formula feeding rather than breastfeeding. Over the century, womens' breasts were viewed as a sexual ...

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