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    The Difference between Public Perception and Actual Ecosystem Integrity

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    If public perceptions are different than ecosystem integrity, how might this affect society?
    - In Policy decisions?
    - In Education curriculum?
    - In Health?
    - Other systems?

    Provide your thoughts on the "Nature Deficit Disorder (Richard Louv).

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    If public perceptions are different than ecosystem integrity, this will affect policy decisions, due to the fact that policy decisions will be made that may further damage the ecosystem, and thereby endanger the health and well-being of individuals within society. This may include such policies as allowing increased levels of carbon emissions from manufacturing facilities, due to the distorted belief that the ecosystem and atmosphere are in a better condition than they actually are, which results in polluted air and detrimental health conditions such as lung cancer, affecting a greater number of individuals. ...

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    This solution describes the detrimental effects of inaccurate public perception on ecosystem integrity.