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Joe Arpaio and Leadership Theories

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What is a well-known personality—judge, lawyer, correctional administrator, or police chief—in criminal justice and talk about this person's leadership style in relation to the leadership theories discussed in your book.

Which of the following theories is most suitable for describing this leader's behavior?
- Situational leadership
- Multiple linkage model
- Cognitive resource theory

Support your choice with reasons and explain why the other theories are not suitable. How can the leadership substitute's theory be applied to explain the situational variables for this leader?

Do you think the path-goal theory explains the strategies of influence used by this leader? Why?

Did this leader receive too much credit for the agency's success, or do you believe that he or she could have been successful despite the subordinates? Why?

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Support your choice with reasons and explain why the other theories are not suitable.
While Joe Arpaio does have some of the multiple linkages aspects to his leadership theory, he is also cognitive resources type. His leadership definitely goes beyond situational. He has a long history of leadership in many different ways and many different aspects of military and law enforcement. He is adaptable to the needs of the job and to the needs of the tasks involved in a job. He understand the needs of his subordinates to meet specific goals and he also understands that the public wants a reduction of criminal activity and doesn't want to pay for the encouragement of prisoners taking advantage of the easiness of being in jail. His actions have set ...

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Using leadership theories supplied, a brief analysis of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is provided.