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Appropriate Leadership Style in the Workplace

Joe Evans stops at Mandy Simms's desk. He hands Mandy a Manila envelope and says, "This is the raw data we've gathered for the report on Product X. You and I have discussed this report before and you know what a mess it is, but after the fine job you did on the Product V series I'm convinced you can pull this thing together. Why don't you look this over, and if you'd like to kick your ideas around a little, come by my office in the next day or so. I'm confident that you're just the person for this job." Mandy seems relieved that she can turn to Joe for help if she needs it.

On the way back to his office, Joe stops at Arthur Jones' desk. He says, "Arthur, I've just handed Mandy Simms a big and demanding assignment. Since the project will take a lot of her time for the next few weeks, you're going to be getting an increased work volume. It will consist of several new types of projects that will require careful study and preparation. I'd also like you to make it a point to offer Mandy a hand whenever you have a moment since you are familiar with her types of projects. Whenever something unfamiliar comes up, I'd like you to stick your head in my office so I can go over it with you. In addition, I'll be by here often to be sure you're keeping your head above water. I've been awfully pleased with your progress in this job, and I think you can handle the increased load with no problems." Arthur expresses his desire to get on with the new projects.

As he reaches his office door, Joe passes Will Murphy, the senior computer programmer for the department. Joe stops him and says, "Will, I just asked Mandy Simms to try and whip that Product X material into a presentation. I'm sure she's going to need some information from your area, possibly even some new types of applications. Although she's never handled one quite like this before, she's sharp, and it's probably time for her to become familiar with what you folks can and can't do. You're a lot better equipped than I am to explain your area. Would you stop by her desk and see what you can do for her?" Will agrees to help Mandy.

Joe hesitates, and then turns away from his office and heads to Alice Carlisle's desk. She has a small pile of books and memos in front of her, and is reading one of them. Joe asks, "Alice, have you come close to checking the HMS account for discrepancies?" She replies that she has, and Joe continues, "OK, good. It's time for you to handle another one. Here's the Harris account. Now remember that you're to start with this line, and go down until you get to this line, and then you switch over a column and back to the top. Each series of numbers has to be checked for accuracy, and you're to attach a tape showing your work. If you come to an entry that doesn't square, research the original billings and check it out. If the entry is wrong, photocopy the original bill and attach the copy to the account ledger. If you hit a snag, check the book first, but if you're still unclear bring it to me. I'll stop back by in a little while to see how you're doing." Alice expresses concern regarding her ability to handle the new task, but Joe reassures her and promises her his support.

I need some help in answering this questions relating to the case study:
1. Describe the readiness level of the following people (Mandy Simms, Arthur Jones, Will Murphy, and Alice Cooper) in terms of the tasks discussed?

2. Which leadership style is being used by the leader, Joe Evans, with each of the followers above?

3. Which style is appropriate for each of the followers? What does that mean? Was Joe matching his leadership styles appropriately with his follower's performance readiness levels?

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Question 1
The readiness level of each of the following people is low. Mandy needs to get back to Joe if she does not understand something. Product X is different from Product V series on which Mandy had worked. Arthur also has been given the invitation to go to Joe's office if something unfamiliar comes up. Joe also gives detailed instructions to Will Murphy about the type of support he should give to Mandy. Alice is given Harris' account but Joe has to explain exactly ...

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