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Deviance and Prostitution

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One of the more interesting topics of study is the area of deviance and social control. Choose a form of deviance with which you are familiar (not necessarily something you've done, but something someone you know did) and discuss why society views that behavior as deviant and whether perceptions of that behavior have changed over time. Explain which theory of deviance (from pp. 168-174) you think works best for understanding the deviant behavior you've chosen to discuss.

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Deviance & Prostitution

Society is a social construct. As such, I believe that structural-functionalism theory explains deviance best. What we understand, believe, know-of and practice about civilization and society are based on abstract concepts and ideas that have been created by man over the course of the human experience. This includes ideas and structures of administration, government, social groups, families, economic system, politics, commercial exchange, trade, ethnicity, morality, ethics and criminality. They are abstract in that we define them, they are ideas iterated and made 'real' because we have acted upon them and enforced and practiced them in our everyday lives, in the 'human world'. What makes criminality a social construct? For this, we have to turn to how deviance and crime is defined. At its simplest, deviant behavior are those behaviors that go against the cultural norm, against what is seen as good, ...

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The solution provides insight, information and advice on the topic of deviance, in particular in prostitution as a form of deviance and the reasons behind its idea as a form of deviant behavior from a socio-cultural perspective.

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Do consider the following behaviors to be deviant: suicide, abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, and drug use. If so, on what basis? If not, why? Come up with specific circumstances for each of these behaviors that might affect whether it constitutes deviance or acceptable behavior.

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