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Approaches to Deviance

Describe the sociological concept of deviance. Briefly explain each of the approaches to explaining deviance (functionalist perspective, interactionist perspective, conflict perspective), telling which is most convincing to you and why.

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This (deviance) is among the most fundamental concepts you will have to study in sociology. Another skill you will have to learn is to apply sociological perspectives in discussing and analyzing social phenomenon which in this case is deviance). Don't worry; it's just a matter of applying principles of the theory. I feel that in this case, what you need is a concise essay, about 350 words to provide what your task is asking of you. I suggest this outline:

1. On deviance - define it, 50 words.
2. Deviance & functionalism - 100 words, plus examples.
3. Deviance & Conflict theory - 100 words, plus examples.
4. Deviance 6 Symbolic Interactionism - 100 words plus examples.

On Deviance

What is deviance? Simply put, it is acting contrary to what is expected and violates all the social (including legally-enacted acceptable behaviour) and moral norms. By acting in a way that violates what is socially and legally expected, either formally or informally (as in rejecting folkways and mores); one can be labelled a deviant. A criminal is a deviant in this sense but so are individuals who reject conventional behavior in the fashion they choose for example (i.e. Japanese kids who parade in 'bloodied' clothes to ...

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The solution discusses the approaches to deviance.