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definitions of secularization used by neo-secularization theorists

Using the definitions of secularization used by neo-secularization theorists, separately assess the strength of religion at the micro, meso, and micro levels in U.S. society. At which levels does it have the most authority? Give concrete examples from American life to back up your claim.

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Strength of religion at the macro level:

The separation of state and church is more rigid in the United States and as a result there is competition between American churches which causes them to focus more on the needs of their members. American churches feature more prominently as a social safety net, cohesion and as centers of social interaction because of the poor development of the social welfare state of the USA. The America culture is more masculine and this contributes to religiosity and this means that America is more religious. The USA has embarked on the process of functional modernization and differentiation so that secularization in this continent lags behind. The demographic picture is distorted. The Pentecostal, charismatic, evangelical and Catholic Churches' religious market share appears to be growing or stable. The link between religion and ethnicity is considered and important factor. ...

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An explanation of various definitions of secularization used by neo-secularization theorists is briefly encompassed in this guide.