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Northern European and Italian Art

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These questions are considered:

The two paintings I am looking at are on the following webpages:



This posting encourages the viewer to have a different relationship to the subject presented.

The first web address is for the following painting:
Master of the St. Lucy Legend, artist
Flemish, 1475 -
Virgin and Child Enthroned with Angels, 15th - 16th century

The second web address is for the following painting:
Raffaelino del Garbo
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints and Angels

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As you examine these two pieces and genres of painting, please allow some of my notes to help:

?First, please notice how the first style is characterized intense colors.

?When assessing Flemish paintings, please remember how it emerged from late Gothic or International Style. You can see these elements within the piece.

?In contrast to the Italians, Flemish painters were interested in the surface appearances, not the underlying structures.

? They aimed for their paintings to reflect the visible world.

?They did not separate the sacred from secular.

?Flemish painting, as in the example, was characterized by minute attention to details, brilliant colors, etc.

?They also used enameled surfaces, and decorative ...

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This posting compares Flemish and Italian paintings. The different relationships that are subject presented are determined.

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